Meredith Hoerske, OTR/L

Licensed Occupational Therapist
Hand to Shoulder Rehabilitation ~ Ergonomic Evaluations

One on one, individualized evaluation and treatment in a private setting in North/Central Boulder. Providing manual therapy, customized exercise programs, injury prevention and splinting/bracing. Offering onsite ergonomic evaluations with customized exercise program.

FREE 30 minute virtual consultation

We will discuss your injury and describe what I can offer you to

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Although I do not accept private insurances, my mission is to provide quality rehabilitation services. I offer hour long treatments, giving personalized attention. I am readily available to my clients if they have questions or concerns via phone, text or email and I am able to book clients within 24 hours.

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More About Meredith

I have been exclusively treating hand to shoulder injuries since graduating from the University of Florida in 2002, with a degree in Occupational Therapy. I have been practicing in Boulder since 2007, and have a close rapport with prominent hand surgeons in the area. 

I have a passion for prevention of injuries through ergonomic education, joint protection techniques and assisting clients obtain adaptive equipment.

I am dedicated in providing you with quality, one on one rehabilitation services. My setting is very private, where you will be the only patient in the space during your treatment time. During this trying and scary time, this is of utmost importance. I sanitize before each client and keep a very clean and controlled environment. 

Specialties include deep tissue and joint mobilization, trigger point release, pre/post operative orthopedic surgeries, rehabilitation of tendon and nerve injury/repair/release, ergonomic education, arthritis treatment and management as well as proficient in all splint fabrication and brace fitting.

Available for mentorships and shadowing opportunities to assist you on your path in becoming an Occupational Therapist!


Professional Services

Providing rehabilitation for any and all upper extremity injuries including, but not limited to repetitive motion injuries, climbing injuries, rotator cuff injury/repair, tennis/golfers elbow (epicondylitis), nerve entrapment injuries, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, DeQuervain's, trigger finger, Dupuytren's syndrome, tenosynovitis, flexor and extensor tendon repair and injury, mallet finger and hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder fractures. I am proficient in splinting and kinesiotaping.

Pressure Points

Manual Hand to Shoulder Therapy

Soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, instrument assisted massage, myofascial release, trigger point release and scar mobilization.

First Aid Kit

Post Operative Care

Wound care, pin care, dressing change, splinting as needed


Exercise Program

Customized home exercise program to further expedite your recovery, build strength and improve posture.

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Proficient in fabrication of custom thermoplastic splinting as well as brace fitting.

Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic Evaluation & Education

Education and recommendations to improve your work station, assisting in creating a more efficient and safe environment. Poor ergonomics can cause damage to delicate tendons, nerves and ligaments. Proper ergonomics also carries over to day to day activities which may be causing or contributing to your pain. One of the most important jobs I can do as an Occupational Therapist is to educate clients on the prevention of repetitive motion injuries. Offering onsite or remote services. 

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Tele Therapy

Whether you are near or far, you can still receive my therapy services. With tele therapy, you will receive an evaluation, instruction on self massage techniques as well as a customized exercise program. Ergonomic assessments may also be performed remotely.


I met with Meredith virtually because of Covid - 19 and because I am out of state. She identified the issue and gave me exercises that allowed my wrist to function THE NEXT DAY! I have been in pain for 4 weeks with reduced mobility and function. Why did I wait so long? It has been five days since our session and while I still have little pain, it is getting better and better as I follow her recommendations!


I sustained an injury in 2016 and have seen several doctors and physical therapists for treatment over the years. Many of them have been baffled at my cacophony of symptoms that are all intense, but sometimes seem unrelated. My injury affects my nerves and - on a bad day - I cannot use my hands or arms at all. After seeing Meredith for only two months, I've made EXTRAORDINARY progress. Meredith listens closely, communicates clearly, and doesn't jump to conclusions - she's taking an investigative approach to my symptoms and it's working!!! I trust her knowledge 1000% and feel SO LUCKY to have found her! For the first time in years, I feel that recovery may be possible. THANK YOU MEREDITH!


I went to Meredith with an index finger that had been numb for a month. This affected my day-to-day work, prevented me from climbing, and weighed on my mind quite a bit. Meredith not only restored feeling to my finger, but showed genuine curiosity and care for my well being. She examined the whole nerve chain from my neck to wrist and worked through a number of different problems. I am extremely happy with therapy that I received, and I have refered my wife to Meredith for a recent shoulder injury that she suffered.


After working with 3 different PTs to no avail on my shoulder, elbow and wrist, I had the opportunity to work with Meredith. She is truly a miracle worker. I finally began seeing results thanks to her skill and expertise in both hands-on manipulation/massage as well as the appropriate exercises she conservatively added. She even made a video of each exercise, demonstrating clearly and with good explanation so I could continue the exercises on my own. I will ONLY work with Meredith for upper extremity work moving forward - whether in person or via Tele Therapy.


I had the unique opportunity to know Meredith in a different way than most, not as a patient but as a mentee. I would highly recommend Meredith to anyone recovering or suffering from any neck, upper extremity, or hand injury/ailment. She is passionate, caring, patient-centered, extremely knowledgeable, and most importantly, is empathetic and genuinely understands how her patients' injuries impact their lives. Her setting is welcoming, relaxing, and private, so every treatment session is one on one guaranteeing high-quality therapy with positive results!


Meredith is an amazing talented intuitive upper extremity therapist. She knows your muscles and attachments to your bones and I should know, I’ve seen her for recovery from four wrist surgeries. She uses all kinds of modalities including manual manipulation, guides you with thorough instruction of exercises at home, explaining in detail why you need to do the exercises. Talks to you intelligently but with clarity and cares about your recovery. Look no further! She’s the real deal.


Meredith is a wonderful OT. I have struggled with pain from an old shoulder injury for almost a year now. She has helped me restore the strength I need to support the injured area which has in turn provided some much needed relief. Meredith is so knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I’m so happy to be working with her.




I accept all electronic payments (Paypal, Venmo, Zelle), cash, check, credit/debit/HSA cards

Now accepting Medicare
(not replacement plans)

Initial Evaluation

One hour evaluation and treatment with home exercise program

 60 min ~ $115

Follow Up Sessions

60 min $95

Virtual Therapy

Evaluation, treatment and home exercise program. Self pay or Medicare accepted for teletherapy.
60 min ~ $75

Ergonomic Evaluations

Home or office setting work station evaluation, followed by a customized exercise program. Self pay only.
60 min ~ $125 ~ Boulder proper
Additional fees apply if outside Boulder


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